Bad notice… =/

Dear customers,

With pain in my heart I come to inform you that unfortunately that there won´t be a next edition of Tropicalia Bazaar.

When planning any type of business in Second Life, we are exposed to obstacles of real life. Businesses come and go in SL with speed. We are hostages of the RL, as it is the priority. New challenges came in real life: a new job where I have to dedicate myself full time and the result is that since last month I’m unable to login with the same frequency. This implies not being able to manage the bazaar as I would like, to create products for it, disclose, maintain and organize.

I want to log into Second Life just to relax, be with friends, take some pictures and have fun without compromises in the short time that I have for it. I am now focused on my RL.

I am extremely grateful to each of you who believed in the project, who dedicated time and creativity to the Bazaar. Special thanks to Poulet Koenkamp (PurpleMoon Creations), our primary motivator and responsible for most of the success of this project. Malu Mayo (Reale) who gave us the land without charging any linden in return. I also thank Maja Signa (Loordes of London), Cindy Oysternatz (Censored) and Fanny Willis (Everglow Poses) that have never failed any edition since the first one in August last year. Shinya Tandino (Celestina’s) sponsorship, Thereaver Barrymore (Magenta) for having published six beautiful issues of the Tropicalia Magazine and bloggers who contributed to spreading the bazaar, especially Analy Amat (beauty SL), LuaFlor Moo (flordalua style) and the girls from seraphimSL. I hope it was helpful to each of you, as it was for me. Special thanks to Stu Reyes, my perfect partner and primary founder of the bazaar, I know how much you were commited and how much you supported our project, but like me, you don’t have enough time to maintain the Bazaar.

With Love,

Vick Spitteler

p.s. The current edition is avaiable until 20th may.

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