The Tropicalia Bazaar (TTB)
The Tropicalia Bazaar is a new option for shopping with selected brands in different segments: fashion and avatar customization, poses and animations, architecture and furniture and much others. It´s fact that the economy in Second Life® follows the trend of discounts shops, which are becoming increasingly popular. The Tropicalia Bazaar aims to offer to the Second Life® residents, quality products from top brands at affordable prices.

We wish to create a select group of designers and shop owners in Second Life®, favoring the exchange of experiences, offering a unique space to sell items at special prices, to attract consumers, promote and strengthen each brand group member.

The Shop / Sim

It´s located at the Reale Sim. Click here to teleport.

The Tropicalia Bazaar Creators

Vick Spitteler Joined Second Life on February/2007. In real life, she works with Marketing and Social Media. Inside Second Life, she designs and owns a shape store named Art Body Store and since april 2009 she writes to the Second Ladies blog, which has more than 6000 views per month. She´s also fashion editor of InnerWorld Magazine.

Stu Reyes Joined Second Life on October/2007. In real life, he works with Graphic Design. Inside Second Life he is co-owner of Art Body Store (male shapes section and poses).

Thereaver Barrymore Joined Second Life on January/2007. In real life, she works as Web and Graphic Designer. Inside Second Life she is Photographer, Art Director and was responsable for the Visual Art of the extincted InnerWorld Magazine. Today she collaborates on the Second Ladies Blog and owns the Magenta Store.