The Tropicalia Bazaar II # 3

TTB II #3 Collection: January 20th – February 6th
Teleport here: PurpleMoon (34, 215, 22)

In this edition: Art Body Store, PurpleMoon Creations, Magenta, Elan, WetCat, Mina Hair, Leri Miles Designs, Filthy Skins, Finesmith and Celestina’s Weddings.

Have a nice Shopping!


Tropicalia Magazine Issue 4

New year, new magazine and much news in this fourth issue! I’d like to welcome Ananda Shostakovic and MokaTana Boa. Both are fashionistas who will share with us beautiful looks in our “I ♥ Fashion” feature, together with Laylinha Tomsen, Stu Reyes and Vick Spitteler. Speaking of fashion, why not think about Pin-Ups as inspired by the Vintage Fair, the biggest event at the end of last year!

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