Exclusive Gift for TTB Subscribers by PurpleMoon

New gift exclusively created for the Tropicalia Bazaar subscribers.

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The Tropicalia Bazaar II – the cutest looks

Thanks dears bloggers. Soon I’m back to share with you the cutest looks with TTBI#9 items.


Mokatana Boa (Moka’s way) – details here

Mariana Barthelmess (Inside) – details here

Topicalia Bazaar I Love!

Hacsa Karillion – details here

Noelita Foxdale (Retail Therapy) – details here

Estrellita Gagliano (SL frees & offers) – details here

Samie Flux (Why not Samie?) – details here

Analy Amat (SL Extravaganza) – details here

Cece (Freebies for Cece) – details here