Tropicalia Magazine Issue 6

I love to see our own progress. We have reached the sixth issue of Tropicalia Magazine! A few days ago we celebrated carnival so why not use this celebration as a theme for this issue? Real life carnival celebrations, especially Venice Carnival, inspire and entice us to recreate the same in Second Life.Check out great looks created by the dearest Laylinha Tomsen, MokaTana Boa, Stu Reyes and Vick Spitteler in “I ❤ Fashion”. Vick also presents us some of the new releases of our “Tropicalians” in “Newsphere”. Discover also four blogs not to be missed in “Blogsphere”. Silton Mindes went to one of the most visited lands of the moment and it has everything to do with our theme: Venexia. If you want to know Venexia, grab a visitor's tag, as it is an RPG land. And don’t forget to take a look at the selected pictures in “That Tropicalia Feeling”. A big kiss to all and happy reading!

Click in the picture to read it!

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